EVN Elektrodistribucija increased the capacity of substation Aerodrom

EVN Elektrodistribucija commissioned new, 110 kV transformer field and a new feed (10 (20) KV) in the municipality of Aerodrom. The expansion of the existing substation Aerodrom (110/10 KV) increased the capacity by a third and opened up opportunities for connection of new customers and the development of industry in this Municipality in Skopje.

The need for expansion of SS 110/10kV Aerodrom resulted from an increased number of new customers because of the construction of residential and commercial buildings in the settlement of Novo Lisice, Reonski Centar and on the street 3-ta Makedonska brigada.

More than 2,000 customers in the neighborhood Aerodrom, including the complex of buildings Cevahir Holding, the sports center Jane Sandanski, hotel Russia and some industrial customers in the adjacent neighborhood Goce Delchev will connect to the newly built feed.

EVN Elektrodistribucija has invested 1.5 million euros in upgrading the existing 110/10 kV substation and installing a third power transformer, expanding the 110 kV substation and new 10 kV feeds, which required a new building. This is expected to increase the security, quality and reliability of supply to the customers in the neighborhood Aerodrom. This will also load balance the supply of electricity to customers in the industrial street in the neighborhood Goce Delchev.