New name and logo of EVN Elektrodistribucija


In accordance with the obligations arising from the changes in the Energy Law from June 2018, EVN Elektrodistribucija changes its official name and logo.
In particular, the law requires the distribution system operator not to use the benefits of its vertical integration in order not to disrupt the competition in the electricity market. EVN Elektrodistribucija is part of a larger group of companies under the brand of EVN, among which are companies for supply and production of electricity. That is why it was necessary to create a separate corporate identity of EVN Elektrodistribucija from that of the EVN brand.
The new name of the company is ELEKTRODISTRIBUCIJA DOOEL Skopje.
Eliminating EVN from the name of the company reduces the possibility of a confusion among customers as to whether they are contacting any of the other EVN companies or the distribution system operator.