Disconnection upon supplier’s request

The supplier has a right to request a customer to be disconnected from the distribution network in these cases:
  • the customer did not pay the delivered invoice within the specified period and in manner specified in the supply agreement;
  • the current supply agreement is not  extended or there is no new agreement with the current or another supplier;
  • the supply agreement had expired;
  • the supply agreement had expired when the conditions for terminating the agreement upon request of supplier or customer are fulfilled, concluded in the Supply rules or in the agreement. 

The supplier doesn’t have a right to request for disconnection of the customer in these cases:

  • if the customer has already started a procedure for change of supplier in compliance with the Supply Rules and
  • before carrying out all of the measures for protection of the customers provided by law and the Supply Rules.

Request for disconnection upon supplier’s request (MK)