What is electro mobility?

Electro mobility as a term represents the use of electricity for vehicle performance instead of fossil fuels, meaning it’s more related to a general concept rather than specific technology.
Electrical vehicles are transport devices which operate with the help of electricity. The electricity is stored in batteries whilst the movement of these vehicles is carried out by the help of one or more electric motors. The batteries are charged through a plug-in cable or by the motor operation. Electrical vehicles can be cars, trains, busses, trucks, scooters, bicycles etc.     

There are several types of electrical vehicles
  • Hybrid electrical vehicles
This kind of vehicle has a fuel motor and batteries which are charged through the motor’s operation, without the possibility of charging through the electricity connection.  
  • Hybrid plug-in vehicles
These vehicles have a fuel motor, electrical motor and plug-in charging batteries. 
  • Batteries electrical vehicles
These vehicles have electrical motor and plug-in charging batteries.
The benefits of using the electrical vehicles are multiple for both the owners and the society.
For the owners 
  • Electrical vehicles are more efficient than the conventional – the electricity expenses are undoubtedly lower than the fossil fuel costs.
  • The electrical vehicles are cheaper to maintain, mainly because of the smaller number of parts which in the conventional vehicles are prone to frequent servicing. With the modern technology, the manufacturers also offer long-life batteries that do not require a replacement.  
  • Because of the distribution of the batteries’ weigh and the minimal chances of fire during accidents, the most electrical vehicles are also safer.
 For the society 
  • Air pollution reduction
Because of the fact of not using fossil fuels (or in the case of hybrid vehicles that use less), the vehicles have reduced or more precisely 0 emissions of CO2.
  • Reduced noise pollution
The electrical vehicles are almost silent which is important for the populated areas, since the noise reduction increases the living quality. 
  • Renewable energy usage
Functioning with electrical vehicles motivates the renewable energy resources usage which additionaly contributes to the reduction of the air pollution and the environment.