Electro mobility with EVN

           Following the global trends, EVN undertakes specific steps in favor of wider adaptation of the electro mobility in Macedonia. The most important precondition for more intensive use of the electric vehicles is the existence of a suitable developed charging infrastructure.
            Apart from domestic charging, for purposes of long distance traveling, the electric vehicle owners also need chargers available in public areas. The chargers must be installed in the drivers’ traveling direction and at distances of 100 km between each-other.
            In cooperation with the municipalities of Macedonia, EVN has built a serious electrical infrastructure throughout the country. Within the electro mobility development project, EVN installed charging stations in 20 cities of Macedonia. In the City of Skopje, there are many chargers installed which are available at public areas and frequent private objects as hotels, shopping centers and similar.
            From now on, each electrical vehicle owner from Macedonia and abroad, will have the opportunity of traveling without obstacle in any direction of the country and also abroad. The use of the chargers will be free during the initial promotional period. In order to use them, the drivers must apply for a charging card.
            The goals of EVN are clear – increasing the number of electric vehicles on the Macedonian streets which will contribute to air pollution reduction, reduction of noise pollution in the urban areas and long-term sustainability of the environment. EVN continually expands and improves the network, especially because of the expected increased usage intensity of this vehicle type.