1. Can a hybrid vehicle be charged at the EVN’s chargers?
  • A hybrid vehicle can be charged at the EVN chargers only if it belongs to the type “plug in” hybrid, more precisely, if the vehicle has a charging option and has a suitable cable with suitable plug-in (Type 2)
  1. Which type of charging stations is EVN installing?
  • The installed chargers by EVN belong to the Type 2 plug-in.
  1. What’s a Type 2 connector?
  • The Type 2 is a plug-in model that is unified on the level of the European Union. Besides Type 2, other types of plugs are being used around the world (Type 1, Type 3, Commando, Chademo, CCS/ Combo, Schuko, 3 Pinsquare...)
  1. What’s the power of the installed chargers?
  • In the territory of Macedonia, EVN has installed 5 chargers with power of 22 kW (aimed for single vehicle charging) and 35 chargers with power of 2x22 kW aimed for simultaneous charging of two vehicles.
  1. At which locations can we find the electric chargers?
  • Detailed map of locations here.
  1. What’s the charging procedure of the EVN’s chargers?
  • If you want to use EVN’s chargers for charging your electrical vehicle, it is necessary for you to obtain a card through which a charging verification is provided. Find more detailed instructions for charging procedure here.  
  1. How is charging paid?
  • The charging from the EVN’s chargers is free in the first year of the program. The customers will be informed in time about changes that might occur.
  1. How to obtain a charging card?
  • Fill in an online request here or visit the Info Center of EVN (GTC ground floor)
  1. Who can posses a charging card?
  • Any natural person or company which owns an electrical vehicle can obtain a card. A request for issuing a card is obligatory.